Our products

Every piece of our furniture collection is entirely handmade, step by step,  using traditional craftsmanship methods. Dedicated care and quality materials.

Our accessories collections are made to create and compose an authentic «Mix & Match» harmony with our different styles of furniture. By offering our ‘Lifestyle’ ambiences, Interior’s is able to renew and combine limitless interiors.

30 furniture collections available

More than 10.000 references

6 new collections per year

New finishes and add-ons each year

For the last 40 years, Interior’s furniture & decoration pieces are created by our home interior stylists team based in our head office in Normandy (Le Havre), France. Proud of our cultural heritage, Interior’s desire is to share with you not only the experience of Southern France Provence, French country, Louis XVth, XVIIIth, XIXth but also a more contemporary style, way and art of living… Interior’s lifestyle !

Our furniture and accessories come to light via our research and development department. The department elaborates and creates prototypes whilst assuring the smooth progress of the production line. This follow-up method insures an optimal quality for our customers.